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This game is about one guy who saves his motherland from unknown enemy who turns everything into zombies. The story starts in a village called "Rottenwill" when something terrible is giong on. The main hero must stop the epidemy with some cool stuff like different kinds of weapons and some things he will find on his way like a grasscutter, barrels of gunpowder, falling stones, trees and many other. The main tagret is to find the source of evil and stop it.

The main gameplay is very easy! Just run and shoot every obstacle on location but sometimes it will change...

Game features:
- Tons of different enemies
- Epic boss-battles
- Different gameplays (from side-scroller to FPS)
- True chiptune music
- NES pallete
- Full gamepad support

The game is in development now. You can play demo version (ends on the boss battle), watch trailer, gameplay video or look for screenshots.

Game Controls:

If you use X-BOX360 Gamepad (strongly recommended!):

  • D-pad for walk, sit down
  • A - jump, A+down(D-pad) - jump down the platform
  • X - shoot
  • Start - pause menu
  • Right Stick - look around

If you use Keyboard:

  • Arrows - move, sit down
  • Z - jump
  • X - shoot
  • Space - pause

Here you can watch the last gameplay video:


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HillbillyApocalypseDemo.exe 62 MB


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Hello! What about release on 31 october? :)

The game is ready for playing. But we have no feedback from testers and press. Subscribers are have to wait a little more...

~150 views, ~30 demo version downloads and no feedback? I can't believe that my game generates a silence around itself.

The game certainly scratches my Amiga itch.